Saturday, November 28, 2009

Vocabulary Building

Many people who speak English as a second language feel that their vocabulary skills are not what they would like them to be. They would like to expand their vocabulary to include more advanced words. Here are some words that you may want to think about using in your daily speech that will impress anyone you speak with!

1. amiable: friendly
Example: My sister's boyfriend is very amiable; our whole family likes him.

2. appease: to calm, to satisfy
Example: Whenever my niece comes to visit, I have to let her play
video games just to appease her.

3. candor: honesty, frankness
Example: We were actually very surprised at your candor; usually you don't speak so openly about things.

4. diligent: showing care when doing work
Example: My daughter is always diligent about doing her homework and making sure it is done on time.

5. inhibit: to prevent, restrain, stop
Example: Try not to let your manager inhibit you; speak up at meetings if you have something important to say.